Saturday, March 19, 2011

Knicks :07 Seconds or Loss!

Billups & 'Melo: Get This Book for Knicks to Run!
While the Knicks trade for Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups upgraded the talent level, it also did something unexpected and undesirable -- it changed the team's style. Before the 'Melo trade, the Knicks played coach Mike D'Antoni's Seven-Seconds-Or-Less free-flowing, run-and-gun offense that beat the defense down the court and hit the open man for easy baskets. By bringing Billups in as the new starting point guard, who is very familiar with 'Melo's one-one-one game, the Knicks inadvertently changed its offence to more of an isolation half-court game.

The problem is that instead of the new guys, Anthony and Billups, having to fit into the Knick's game, the old Knicks are being forced to adjust to the new point guards offensive scheme. That's why Amar'e, at times, plays as though he was the new guy and is being forced to grind it out more by going one-on-one. This makes it tougher for Amar'e to score, leads to his foul trouble that in turn causes him to ride the bench and play weaker defense when he returns. When Billups was injured, even though Tony Douglas is more of a shooting guard than a point, the Knicks played more fluently with him as the floor general. Amar'e realizing the problem, has called for the Knicks to return to a more up-tempo offense. However, it remains to be seen if Billups can play that style and Anthony will be willing to change his game to fit in.

Another factor that should not be discounted is that it does take time to adjust to three new starters and three superstars. It took Miami Heat one third of the season  for their Big Three of  LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Cris Bosh to get used to each other. Even so there are times that they still look like the adjustment process is still not complete.  

Only time will tell if the Knicks will get their :07 Second or Less act together or it will be :07 Seconds or Loss!
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